BRM300 ver.2 “Mariupol - Azov - Ukraine”

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Stand with Ukraine


The full-scale war in Ukraine is ongoing.
Russian invaders are destroying our cities and villages, killing civilians.

One of the most affected cities is Mariupol, currently occupied by Russia. More than 20,000 people are already dead, more people can become victims of the humanitarian disaster.

Randonneurs of Mariupol are forced to fight for their own survival.

Therefore, as a sign of support and solidarity, we hold BRM200 and BRM300 and certify the results to the Mariupol club "Azov-Marathon".

Also, during these events, we collect charitable donations, which we will transfer to the "Come Back Alive" Foundation to support Ukraine.

We invite randonneurs of all countries to join and thus express support and solidarity with the people of Mariupol and all of Ukraine.

We offer the following:
1. Register:
200 km:
300 km:

2. During the period between September 09 2022 till October 30 2022, ride the track of the nearest club officially registered in the ACP.

3. Record your ride with any tracking software (such as Strava) and make it publically available. Provide the link to your ride with the "edit data" button

4. You pay a charitable contribution of UAH 450 (approximately 10 Euros) using the "Pay" button.
You can donate extra, we will be grateful.

5. We approve your results of the club "Azov-Marathon" 550014.

6. For any questions about the website, please contact here in the comments, or in PM on the official page of LBC club:

Any questions about the conditions of the event should be addressed to Oleg Mykhaylyk, the representative of the ACP in Ukraine.


Номер Ім'я Стать Місто Вік We will need your club's ACP code
Kostyk Taras M Lviv 40-49 550004
Oleshko Andrii M Kyiv 30-34 550015
Labiak Orest M Lviv 35-39 550004
Novichkov Anton M Lviv 35-39 550014
Nesterova Viktoriia F Kyiv 40-49 550014
17:20 Ham Jason M Incheon 40-49 603000
Shulha Volodymyr M Ellwangen 19-29 550014
12:10 Salonen Esa M Pirkkala 60-69 FI 031409
14:27 Zrobok Andrii M Lviv 50-59 550004
16:22 Zaitsev Volodymyr M Simferopol 50-59 550014
Mirshekari Peyman O <19
Millertson Fredrik M Burlöv 50-59 Milslukaren, SE113024
Brodskyy Andriy M Lviv 30-34 550004
Shanahan Gary M Montirat 60-69 810000
Pryt Oleksandr M Tomashgorod 50-59 550014


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